Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trampoline Pictures

It is snowing for the second time in a week, which is pretty rare for North Texas. I was out in it earlier, but now we are all inside waiting for Mr. Honey to get home from work. Cornflower is making cookies, Mariel is playing a computer game and Aravis is working on her science fair project. They are singing intermittently, mostly their own words to musical theater tunes, complete with girl-belting-voices.

I have boiled eggs and started some veggie soup and a pot of pinto beans for lunches/dinners for this week. Cold weather makes me want to simmer things on the stove. ;o) I should be updating the checkbook, but I have Put It Off for the time being.

So-- what I *really* wanted to post about was the trampoline the kids got for Christmas. Here are some photos of Mr. Honey and the kids setting it up!

(You may notice a distinct lack of Mariel in these pictures. She was visiting her Grammy that day.)

On Christmas morning, the tramp was still in its box, owing to the ice and snow that fell on Christmas Eve. Santa left a note on the white board.

A couple of days later, Mr. Honey and Cornflower braved the mud and freezing temperatures to set it up.

Aravis joined in after a bit.

And then-- they danced! They have christened it The Globe Theater.

And today, it is graced with a dusting of snow.

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