Sunday, December 13, 2009

Kudos to the Advisory (once again!)

Aravis, who is studying Year 9, is reading The English Constitution by Richard Bagehot, along with Common Sense by Thomas Paine. It is exceptionally illuminating to be reading one of the great source documents of the United States side by side with a classic description of the government the colonists were fleeing.

Every year I renew my sense of gratitude toward the AO Advisory for the thought and insight with which they selected resources. Thank you so much, ladies. I never would have found most of this stuff.


Mrs. H said...

Hi Katie! I just connected your blog with a post on the AO list. I wanted to thank you for this post and your answer on the list to a new user who had questions. I've been really struggling with AO this year. My oldest is 13 1/2 and doing yr 7 and he is not really enjoying it - so I have been doing a LOT of hand holding! Along with that I've got a 9yo who finished up yr 3 and has been kind of lost in the shuffle since :( Also a 7 and 6 yo doing yr 1. And a 19 mo! I feel stretched very thin.

Anyway your posts remind me that it is worthwhile to hand hold and stick it out with AO. It is an excellent curriculum -thanks for the inspiration.

I really need to come up a list of what is essential to get done at this point and streamline things until my youngest gets
older. My oldest especially needs to know what he needs to accomplish each day! I've also been listening to the AO conference CD's also to get myself inspired.

Sorry to hog your comments, I just wanted to let you know I was reading and enjoying your input!

Katie said...

I enjoyed reading your comment! Glad my post helped you.