Saturday, December 12, 2009

The HEARD Preservation Campaign

A quick plea for a worthy cause in North Texas:

North Texas Water is suing the HEARD Museum for eminent domain, and, if successful, will disrupt some of the only reclaimed native prairie land in the state, among other things. The folks at the HEARD have been working patiently and diligently for years to reclaim this portion of prairie land, and it is a shame for someone to swoop in with eminent domain and hinder the work.

From the website:

There would be short term and long term damage to the sanctuary including displacing animals that may never return, disrupting native prairie foliage, trees and grasses, contaminating the wetlands, causing a permanent odor, and disturbing the environment for regular maintenance visits and possible emergency situations with the pipeline.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to preserve the good work the HEARD is doing to further nature education and appreciation. Surely the water company can find a less important swath of land in which to install their pipes and maintenance roads.

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