Sunday, December 06, 2009

Christmas Tree

Yesterday we cut down our own Christmas tree.

That one is just a baby!

We had a time convincing the kids that we needed a tree around the same height as Daddy. This one is too tall.

Douglas firs in the shadow of pines.

We found it! The greenest tree in all the green wood.

Mr. Honey tagging our tree.
Cornflower cannot believe Daddy let *her* hold the saw!

It was very chilly! The water in the ditches had iced over.

We hitched a hayride back to the store.

The fir tree in its new home.

Aravis the Christmas pirate.

Cornflower thinks Aravis is silly.

Mariel plays Mrs. Claus in her glory days.

Cornflower thinks *this* is silly too, lol.

Mariel is unperturbed while Aravis is oblivious.

I pestered the kids until they took a picture of me. My hand is just hanging out doing its own thing. ;o)

We aren't finished decorating the tree yet. I'll post a picture when it is done.

(Photo credit goes partially to Aravis-- she took several of the outside shots, as well as one or two inside. Great job, sweetie!)

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