Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Contemplating and Cleaning and Baking


*the number of posts on this blog (933!)
*separation from and connection with others-- what "protective" covering do we attempt to shield ourselves with? is it effective? must we be protected or does this keep us from loving others?
*observations and questions from the nine-year-old-- "Mom, if people were just nice, no one would shoot anyone else... Mom, what's the Nobel Peace Prize?... Mom, what does 'equivalent' mean?... Mom, what is 'abrupt'?... Mom, if God wanted us to be good, why didn't He keep Adam and Eve from sinning?... Mom, I can't make this star [drawing] shine..."


*master bedroom and bath
*the dust from the rest of the living room


*lemon meringue pie
*banana pudding

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