Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Christmas Memory: Tinsel

One strand at a time. That is how my mom hung tinsel.

Every year growing up, we had a live tree. After the lights were strung and ornaments added, Mom opened packages of slippery silver icicles and draped a bit across each of our outstretched hands. Then she showed us how to hang it two or three or four at a time.

At first we put it on in clumps. She did not chide us, but came along later and straightened out the tangles.

She always stood a long time at the tree, hanging hers strand by strand, and adjusting ours as she went. Out came the vacuum, gathering up strays. Sometimes she would have to get more the next day after work, and we would have *two* nights of icicle hanging.

She had a gentle way about her, quietly cultivating beauty with bright bits of glitz.

Now Mom uses garlands of colored beads instead of individual strands of tinsel, but she still takes the time to invite loveliness, hanging each ornament and garland with care.

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