Saturday, May 17, 2008

Key Points for School Kids (and Everyone)

My notes on CM's Volume 3, Chapter 11, pages 114-115:

Two directions in which we commit intellectual offences against the law and oppose ourselves to authority:

1. We decide that everything is an open question and forget there are three facts no one can argue with--

a. God is.
b. Self is.
c. The World is.

These three are both "unprovable and self-proven." (?)

2.We do not recognize the nature and limitations of reason.

a. The process of reasoning an idea out is as involuntary as our blood pumping through our veins.
b. Our minds automatically prove logically any idea our minds accept.

This limits Reason to being helpful only in proving right ideas logically. It is the Will that must determine right and wrong and accept or reject ideas.


Willa said...

Perhaps she was rejecting Descartes skepticism with that "unprovable and unproving"? Hmm.

Katie said...

My first thought when I read these things was about the tree falling in the forest with no one around. Being a marginal student of philosophy at best, I forget who that is, but she is really blowing a lot of theories out of the water with these statements, isn't she?