Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Math for Today

This morning we realized we are completely out of butter. We live out in the county, somewhat away from shopping, although we have a new Walgreens within walking distance. Walgreens tends to be somewhat pricey on their food items. We decided to figure out just how much it would cost us to drive to the Walmart ten miles away.

For a round figure that represents about the cheapest gas in our area, we used $3.75. Our minivan gets around 22 miles to the gallon. We figured out that, for us, one mile driven represents around $.17 worth of gas. It doesn't sound like a lot.

Until you figure that a round-trip drive to Walmart to purchase cheap butter would cost $3.75. Not that we head to the store every time we run out of things. And we make other trips into town that take us right by the Walmart and tend to plan our shopping accordingly, although yesterday I accidentally left an important check at home and had to run right back out to deposit it (at the bank next to the Walmart) after we got back from violin lessons. A mistake that cost me $3.75.

I drive Cornflower into town three times per week for allergy shots. The doctor's office is around 15 miles away-- 30 miles round trip. $5.10 every time. (Unless we have to go to the allergist for a new vial, which is $6.02 round trip, and then we have to run the vial to the family doctor before heading home. I didn't do the figuring on that one, but it does add miles, and therefore dollars.)

(At this point Triss was sitting at the breakfast table realizing that maybe her math is good for something after all.)

So if I conquered my dislike of needles and learned to give her the shots myself, we would save an average of $15 per week in gas.

Our church is 53 miles round trip. We are not changing churches. There is a reason we drive 53 miles round trip, and there are others that attend our church who come greater distances. But just for the record, we spend $9.01 twice a week to attend church.

Mariel has violin lessons once a week. If we drive straight to Miss Corinia's and straight home (which we don't-- we always toodle around in town afterward), the cost round trip is $4.22.


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