Saturday, May 31, 2008

Domestic Felicity

We had quite an enjoyable Saturday. It was really such a nice one that I wanted to make sure I put it down somewhere.

Mr. Honey and I spent all morning at home alone, which is pretty rare. (Triss spent the night with a friend, and Mariel and Cornflower went to help Grammy plant flowers this morning.) Mr. Honey worked on paperwork and the church newsletter, and fixed Outlook Express on my laptop. I decluttered and swept out and wiped down the laundry room, folded and scrubbed the corners, crevices and baseboards of my linoleum, getting rid of grime I have been glancing at and ignoring for a couple of months. Very satisfying.

In between scrubbing, I read emails and blogs, and made lists for the coming two weeks.

Mariel and Cornflower came home, and I sat and visited with my mom for awhile. We showed her the mysterious wildflowers that are coming up in the backyard lawn. Mom and the kids had gone to some garage sales, and the kids showed us their garage sale finds, which included a large blow-up wading pool. Mom left and I walked to the Walgreens with Mariel to purchase some size D batteries for our pump.

(If I ever write a book about mothers and daughters, I think I will call it, _Walking to Walgreens_. The walk to and fro is ideal for mother-daughter talks. It is even better than driving in the car. Not that I think I will ever write a book. But if I did.)

When we came home, Mariel inflated the pool and filled it with water, then she and her sister played and argued out there for a good hour and a half.

I cleaned the kitchen, started some beans for supper, and then looked through cookbooks to find something to make for church tomorrow. (Our church has potluck lunch every Sunday.) I decided to make a chicken casserole with biscuit topping and blackberry pie.

Mr. Honey sat in the living room working on his computer and eating peanuts. We shared a pot of coffee, and he informed me quite definitely of his intention to watch the Penguins tonight. He is even wearing his Penguins t-shirt in honor of the occasion. I asked him what was the big deal again?

"You know what the Super Bowl is, right? Okay, the National Football League has a championship game every year. It's called the Super Bowl. Remember that?"

Okay. Yes.

"Well, the Super Bowl is the championship game for football. The championship game for hockey is called the Stanley Cup. And the Penguins, the team I have followed since junior high, has not been in the Stanley Cup finals since 1992. They have finally managed to get all the way back to the Stanley Cup finals. They are three wins away from winning the Stanley Cup championship, which is just like the Super Bowl for football. So-- the Stanley Cup is to hockey what the Super Bowl is to football. Got that?"

Mm-hmm. (I knew what the Stanley Cup was. I just like to hear him talk. ;o)

I finished making the pie crusts and am now waiting for my frozen fruit mixture to thaw slightly. The girls cleaned their bedroom and are now playing store with the cash register Cornflower bought at a garage sale.

Mr. Honey is still working, but he stops every so often to explain to me how come Game Four is vital, or some such thing.

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