Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aunt Bessie

Today is my great-aunt Bessie's funeral. (We live several states away, and are not able to attend.) She was my grandfather's sister, and a very dear mother in Israel. She was in her 90s, and had a peaceful home-going. My grandparents tell me that she prayed aloud for the Lord to take her home in the day or so before her death, and passed gently from this life while sleeping.

She was a familiar presence in my childhood, attending the same church and family gatherings.

She made Triss a beautiful baby quilt, pink and blue, little puppy-dog and kitty-cat ears flopping. And when Triss got bigger, I put the quilt away, wanting to save it for Triss' kids. Aunt Bessie heard about it. She sent Triss another quilt, this one big-person sized and colorful, one of the last she made before arthritis prevented her from continuing her crafts.

The message was clear: Gifts are for enjoying!

I received her instruction and got the baby quilt out again. :o)

God bless you, Aunt Bessie. We love you very much.

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