Thursday, May 29, 2008

Celebrate With Us

Triss took the last test in her pre-algebra book today. Woo-hoo! Now we just have to do review this summer so she can start algebra in the fall.

We are using 33 Steps to Algebra Readiness for review, in case you are wondering. I am really going to understand pre-algebra by the end of the summer. All spring, I have sat through sessions with Triss and her tutor, and helped Triss at home, and corrected her papers. I will continue to help and correct all summer. The tutor was vital, Mr. Honey and I felt, since she couldn't be a part of a class. I didn't do well in algebra in school, and in fact only made it as far as Algebra 2 in my entire mathematical career, which was anything but illustrious. And Mr. Honey is a poet and not a mathematician.

Part of effective homeschooling is understanding your limits and knowing when to utilize outside resources.

We are going to try to go it alone this summer, with only occasional phone calls for help over the tough bits. I am still finalizing outside resources for next fall, as this stuff is getting beyond me. If I am to be effective at the things I *am* good at, I need to turn over to another teacher some of the stuff I am not good at. To free up brain space and mind time. Our challenge is that we are not willing to participate in co-op classes for the sake of two subjects, so we are looking for individual classes either online or in our community.

But Triss and I are both pleased at the ending of this math book. So, yay! All done for the moment. ;o)

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