Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Meme by Tim's Mom

Tim's Mom has created a neat meme!

I am going to answer this in an of-the-moment fashion-- if you came at a different time of year, or when the kids are reading or thinking of different things, the answers might also be different. Also, I sit in this house every single day and probably don't notice the same things a visitor would notice. I would really be interested in hearing what an actual visitor to our home would answer!

If you came to our house--

You would see:

Nature paintings (Yosemite Valley by Albert Bierstadt and Big Horn Mountains by Thomas Moran) nature photos with poetry quotes from William Blake and Christina Rossetti, Bible quotes, words, words, words... And lots of family photos (probably way more pictures of the girls than necessary, but I cannot take them down). Bookcases. A yellowish blond upright cabinet piano, circa 1960. (It reminds me of the practice room pianos at CSULB.) A very large chalkboard. Seeds on the windowsill, boxes in the entry. A time-out doll patiently waiting for parole in the corner. Ivy dishes, poppy wallpaper border and a very large clock.

We'd probably feed you:
Fruit and crackers, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or maybe oatmeal bars or cookies. (You would have to politely ignore the pathogens Triss is growing in glasses on the kitchen counter, as well as the paper cups Mariel has painted black and left in front of the coffeemaker.) Perhaps we would walk down to Walgreen's and get some Blue Bell ice cream!

And offer you this to drink:
Filtered water, or coffee or tea.

We'd undoubtedly ask if you'd read:
The Penderwicks
The Swallows and Amazons books

We'd want to play this music for you:
Each of the children would want to perform. Triss would probably play Amazing Grace on the piano. Cornflower would play Cuckoo Song from her Suzuki book. And then she would modulate it a third and play it again. And then she would play it in the minor. She would continue her variations until we asked her to stop. Mariel would play Jesus Shall Reign on her violin, or perhaps another of her pieces. Once I contained them, we would put Aaron Copland, Anonymous 4 or Bach on the stereo.

We'd want to tell you the latest about:
Triss would want to talk about Prince Caspian, definitely. Cornflower would want to explain her Lego creations. I don't know what Mariel would want to tell about. I would bring up my latest ideas about writing curriculums and ask your advice on the scrapbook I am making my parents for their 40th wedding anniversary (everyone has more scrapbooking experience than I). Mr. Honey would most likely talk about sports, home improvement and the Food Network.

We'd probably suggest a game of:
Wise and Otherwise or Sequence.

We might show off:
Triss' winning poem, which I cannot show off on the blog, much to my mommy disappointment. My new laptop. And, of course, all the musical showing off mentioned above.

We might get on the computer and show you:
The sweetest little girl singing songs on YouTube. Some gluten-free recipes over at the Treehouse. The newest members of Jubilee's family. Our favorite bird and flower identification sites. If Mariel would let us, we might show you her colonial girl stories (she hasn't even shared them all with me yet).

If it was a long enough visit, we might watch:
the children put on a play for us.

What would a visit to your house be like?

I tag Jubilee, Ginger, Javamom, TeacherBrit, Willa, J (at Journals), and Senora Smith! You're it! Ooh, and I tag Triss. Her answers might be different than mine.


Jubilee said...

OK, Wow. This one is detailed! I'm sorry I just found this - it's been a bit of a busy week, as you know! :)

I will think about this and post it in the next few days. Looks like fun!

Javamom said...

I posted mine, finally! Hubby has a summer break this week, so we are taking some time to dilly-dally and rest, after all the blackberrying and preserving...and in between stints of weeding in the garden.