Friday, March 06, 2009

Written Narration: A Letter

Mariel sometimes writes letters for her written history narrations, pretending to be a person living at the time of the great events she is reading about. I let her decide whether she wants to do this or a straight summary. Here is one she did this week on the marriage of Napoleon III of France (spelling, punctuation, etc., intact):

Dear Marie,

I must tell you that Napoleon III got married, to a Spainsh-Scottish lady named Eugenie. Her Father is a spanish count, and her mother is of scottish blood.

Napoleon III really did try to find a royal wife, but it seemed as though the royal houses of Europe were offering him SNOBS instead princesses! So he went back to France, and said, "I'm going to marry for love, even if she is a villiager."

A Marriage for love? The French were charmed. And Eugenie was a perfect choice. She gave her wedding gift of 240,000 Francs (I THINK THAT was the amount) to the sick, and her diamond necklace to be sold for the poor. Such a kind and gernous Empress never lived. But the gilded crown fell from the carriage, a bad Omen, n'est ces pas?*

Your Love,
Francisco Phillpe

*I copied that from book.

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Javamom said...

Oh, this is a very good idea. I wonder if our silly boy would go for that. I think he actually might, but we'll have to use a "non-romantic" narration for him, LOL.