Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Notetaking: Summary and Response

Triss is taking notes on the book, _Whatever Happened to Justice?_ rather than writing summaries. I have asked her to divide her paper down the middle, summarize main points on the left, and write her responses on the right (across from the point she is responding to). I don't know how to show this on a blog post, so I will put responses in brackets after the corresponding main point. The item in quotes was taken word for word from the book. These notes are for Chapters 11 and 12. :

When force is introduced into a transaction, one person loses something he values more than what he's getting

Taxes are like this.

[For example, we would value the tax money we have to give to schools more than the benefit of the schools because we homeschool.]

"Scientific law permits effective economic calculation + progress."

[So political law doesn't?]

The West was actually more law-abiding than the cities because there are more people to attack in cities.

America is more of an idea than a place.

At the end of the book, I will have her look over her notes on all the chapters and write a paper on what she learned and what she agrees/disagrees with.

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Great idea.