Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Another Written Narration

Here is another of Mariel's recent narrations. I asked her to give me a complete retelling, including the main ideas and some details. (I have noticed that she gives me a complete retelling of the beginning of a section, and then peters out before providing the end of an episode. The reading that goes with this narration was three pages long, and she chose to read the entire three pages before beginning her writing.) It took her over forty-five minutes to handwrite her retelling. I'm leaving her spelling, etc., intact:

In the 1850's, there was a certain number of people that had to live in a place (they were called Territories) for it to become a state. Then they had to decide if the state was going to be a free state, or a slave state.

Now, California was full of people, mines for them to work in, and towns. These were hardworking people, so when the word came that the Californians wanted to be made into a state, there were no arguements about whether or not it would be made into a slave state. But now there were 31 states, and 31 doesn't divide evenly, so the slave states got up in arms about it. Do you remember Henry Clay? He suggesetted the Missiouri Comprimise. So he, now an old man, Suggestted another comprimise. I don't remember how, what it was called, but I do know that this was Henry Clay's last political act.


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