Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Narration of da Vinci

(As you may have noticed, I am posting more of the kids' narrations lately. I am trying to figure out some things, and posting the narrations is part of that. Here is one on Janson's The Story of Painting, written by Triss. She is doing notetaking for some of her narrations, but for this one I asked her to write a summary of what she knows of da Vinci. Spelling and punctuation are intact.)

In the Renaissance, it was not all painting + discovery (as some are led to think.) It was an age of great turmoil + unrest. My friend Mrs. Janson says "Perhaps this unsettled state of affairs gave men a better chance to stretch their minds."

Leonardo da Vinci thought of himself firstly as an artist, though he was nearly an all around genius. To him, "see" + "know" were the same. Now scientists put their knowledge in words, but in the Renaissance a picture was worth a thousand words. If you're interested in anything, Leonardo was too. He made flying machines + drew the inside of human bodies like a doctor + and was way ahead of his time in many fields. He even knew psychology!

Q- Why did the dumb blond doodle on her essay?
A- Because a picture is worth a thousand words!

(She also drew a sketch of the Mona Lisa.)

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