Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Week in the News by Triss

"Unleaded" Isn't Just For Gas

Rebekah Wilson helps thousands of young girls learn to handsew through a series of storybooks. Her business, HOPE CHEST LEGACY, annually sells 8,000 books + 10,000 sewing kits.

Hope Chest Legacy shut down after selling as many products as possible before the "sweeping consumer safety laws" kicked in. There would have to be impossibly exspensive (sic) testing for her to check each of the books for lead in the ink, or lead in the needles of her kits. She can't afford it, because she runs a small business.

(Triss paraphrased this news story from the article, "Make That Unleaded," in the February 14, 2009 issue of World Magazine.)

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