Monday, November 03, 2008

Stress Relief

The kids and I have compiled this list of stress-relieving activities for everyone as we head into the final stretch of the U.S. Presidential election. We hope you find at least a couple of things that you can use to de-stress. Happy relaxing!

1. Pray to the Lord.

2. Remember you have a pretty good life (or remember your wonderful pet, your grammy, cookies, the Resurrection, eternal salvation)

3. Take a nap in a cool, quiet place (or, if the weather is chilly in your area, in a warm, snuggly place).

4. Hug someone!

5. Write. Write a story, or a blog post, or a poem, or a letter to a friend.

6. Get something done. (Bake cookies! Or clean your room.)

7. Sit in the cleanest room in your house.

8. Plan something. (Or, if planning makes you irritated, do something spontaneous.)

9. Play the piano, or other instrument of your choice. Or sing!

10. Read a good book.

11. Have some hot tea. Have green tea, it alkalizes your body.

12. Draw, sketch, paint. Do watercolors! It's fun to make them go swirly.

13. Relieve your emotions by lying on the floor and kicking, or screaming into a pillow, or shouting gibberish (make sure there is no one else around, as this tends to stress out others).

14. Go to bed and, when someone calls you, say, "Very snug," (although this is not any way to carry on a retail business).

15. Take a nature walk or bike ride. Just get out into the fresh air.

16. Make a craft or sew.

17. Poke fun at characters in books.

18. Carry on an imaginary conversation with the literary character of your choice.

19. Curl up in a blankie and watch a good movie.

20. Get together with some friends, make yourselves pretty, and have a tea party.

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elizabeth said...

great ideas here.