Thursday, November 20, 2008

Short Cut

Short Hair

Some of our friends grow their hair out every so often and donate it to Locks of Love. I decided to follow their good example, but I could only make it to ten inches (the minimum amount you can send in). It was taking way too long to fix my hair in the morning.

Ponytail for Locks of Love

Now I have a short bob-- I hear those are in style this season. It only takes me five minutes to blow dry my hair. Yes!

(Photo credit: Mariel)


TeacherBritt said...

You look simply PRECIOUS!!! :) And what a wonderful cause!


Katie said...

When Mr. Honey saw my hair he said, "Less shampoo and conditioner!"

queen shenaynay said...

You are a fox, woman! Only now without the fox tail. hehe.

This is such a worthy cause. When I thought I was going to go through chemo, we went to a wig salon and some of the wigs I tried on were synthetics. Let me tell you, it's a discouraging, heartbreaking blow to think you're gonna have to wear that nasty stuff on your head for a year or more (on top of the blow of going bald... on top of the blow of all the surgeries and medical junk... on top of the blow of just having cancer... good heavens, it's just One More Thing).

The human hair wigs are SO much nicer than the synthetics but they are also SO much more expensive.

So yes... Locks of Love is a real blessing, and ladies like you who donate their lovely locks are like angels in skin. Thank you!