Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Giving Thanks

I have been waiting for my van to come out of the shop for two days, and spent some time today thinking about how much money it was going to cost.

(It ended up costing over two-thirds of our little emergency fund. It was more than just brake pads. It was not fun to enter that deduction into the Excel spreadsheet. But I digress.)

I was glad that we had the cash to pay for it, and glad that we had the bucket system in place so that it didn't ruin the fun of gift-giving at Christmas. But still.

And across my thoughts, into the path of my attention, came a man.

You know the type. Recovering from some addiction or other, friends and family past forgiveness and gone; suffering from illness, unable to work, needing food, and between living situations. We all know about folks like this, hear of them, give donations, meet them sometimes. When you meet them, they are oh, so real.

Oh, me. I can't stop thinking about the man. I have no problems.

Tonight I sit in a warm, lit room, listening to my oldest child help my youngest make a 'pie' with scraps from the cherry pie she just put into the oven. I watch my middle child twirl as she regales me with her list of Christmas wishes. I enjoy a classical music program with my honey, who sits next to me reading a book on WWII airplanes.

We had three good meals today, tasty meals. I bought my child medicine, and it was not a hardship.

If it takes someone else's misery to illuminate the blessings I have, my understanding is small. Are they not blessings, regardless?

I wonder where he is tonight. I pray that the Lord comforts and warms his soul, as the needed food warms his belly, and I am thankful to be part of a body that reaches out to the community in need.

He cheers my heart, my want supplies
And says that I shall shortly be
Enthroned with Him above the skies,
Oh, what a friend is Christ to me!

-John Newton

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