Monday, October 20, 2008

Scary, Indeed

"You know, when you can't ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary."

--Joe "the Plumber" Wurzelbacher

Freedom of speech? Yes, but only if you are willing to have your life dragged through the mud. That doesn't sound like a whole lot of liberty to me.

I am sure many other private citizens who receive the opportunity to speak with the candidates are rethinking their own tough questions. Shame on the media.

More here and here.

h/t DHM

Also, an enlightening open letter written by a small business owner who employs 100 people and actually does bring in an income of $250,000 per year. One thing I realized I hadn't been taking into account where these companies are concerned is that $250,000 per year is how much the company takes in ("income", duh, right?), not profits, and they have to pay their expenses out of that-- and keep some margin for slow-paying customers, etc. Be sure to read the comments also-- lots of other small businesspeople in the same boat chime in with how Obama's tax change would affect their businesses.

Also, did anyone else fail to realize that the Bush tax cuts are expiring in the next few months and Obama has no plans to continue them? It's my understanding that taxes will rise for everyone down to those in the 10% tax bracket.

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