Monday, October 20, 2008

Mock Election: Candidate Biographies

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The mock presidential candidates turned in their biographies today. I have pictures but am having trouble uploading them, so I will do that later.

Mr. Kermit Lincoln

Mr. Kermit declined to submit a biography. His campaign manager is too young to write one. The government offered to help write it, but he said, "No, thank you."

Miss Nikki Fleming

Miss Fleming is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kermit and Ella Lincoln. Miss Fleming's first name is Nikki, and she was born on a small ranch in Colorado. I regret to say that Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln are foster parents. There was a dust storm in which she was the only survivor in her town. She was then taken to the city and worked there until she was found by Mr. Lincoln, who brought her home to his wife. Mrs. Lincoln said that Miss Fleming would be one of their children. Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln are grandparents, parents and great-grandparents, and they are inspiring her in her career in politics. In Miss Flemings' own words at a family reunion a few days ago, "I'm not going to be President for the power. I would like to be President for the nation. A President is not supposed to be a dictator. He is a public servant."

Miss Ashley Isabel Green

(Miss Green's campaign manager has asked that Miss Green's biography be removed temporarily, as it is undergoing rewrites. We apologize for the delay.)

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