Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mock Election: Photos

Some "press coverage" of our mock election:


The candidates on their platforms.


The party of Fleming and Lincoln (Fleming is on the left, Lincoln is on the right)


The party of Kermit and Temple (Temple is behind Kermit, and I think that is Polly Pocket, their press secretary, in the background)


The Green Party (Green is at the podium and I forget the name of her running made. Potter is in the background)


The campaign managers pose with their candidates.


SeƱora Smith said...

Is Potter "My Friend Mandy?" from our childhood days???? I seriously got a little lump in my throat when I saw her sitting there on the shelf - like bumping into an old friend! How is she doing?

Katie said...

Yes, it is truly she! I had My Friend Mandy and My Friend Jenny, and have past both of them down to the kids.

Mandy is in really good shape and, as you can see, still participates in pretend.

I'll post another picture of her that we took last summer.