Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Life of a Pumpkin

field of sunflowers I

Once upon a time in the fall, a field of pumpkins lay waiting.

pumpkin blossom

Pumpkin blossoms,

baby pumpkin II

Tiny promises of pumpkins just starting out--

a perfect little pumpkin

Look at this sweetie-pie!


The sunflowers stood sentinel,


And the bugs provided quality-control inspections.

the horse barn

Soon, a family arrived. They took their time looking at horses--

watching the ducks

feeding the ducks and chickens,

Farm rabbit

and communicating with rabbits.

Cornflower field

The family came to the field where the pumpkins lay in sunshine and shade, patiently waiting.

Cornflower and her pumpkin

And claimed their own.

Mariel and her pumpkin

One, two, then three pumpkins were loaded and hauled up to the barn, and then taken home.


The three pumpkins spent the afternoon relaxing on the front porch

Cornflower and Cousin

while the children went to the park--

We made it to the top!

and climbed to the top of the hill.

Pumpkin carving

As night fell, the children fetched their pumpkins inside

Mr. Honey with a knife

and creative hilarity ensued.

creative hilarity

Silly Mariel-- that's the jack-o-lantern's hat!

Artsy pumpkin top

Triss' pumpkinlid had a bit of flair.

punkin interior

So that's what they look like inside!

Headless Mariel

Mariel went in for a closer look.

Bunny bumpkin

Soon the patient pumpkins found out about their faces.

Triss' pumpkin

They glowed in the delight of becoming... a rabbit--

Mariel's pumpkin

a Jack-o-Lantern--

Cornflower's pumpkin

and Bob the Pumpkin.

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