Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Friend Mandy


Yes, Vice-Presidential Candidate Potter is indeed My Friend Mandy. She was my doll when I was a kid and now the girls get to play with her.


SeƱora Smith said...

Her bangs have grown out nicely from the trim I gave her in about 1979... and I love the modern duds!

(okay, yes, I know that this is not actually MY friend Mandy... I'm not sure what happened to mine? I did have her into college, even I think into marriage... I may have passed her to another little girl at some point thinking I wouldn't ever have a daughter of my own... sigh... she was my favorite, though! Hermosa did get my Cabbage Patch dolls, which were in much better condition, being that I was almost out of the playing with dolls stage when I got them. My Mandy was super played with!)

Katie said...

I got my Mandy when I was almost too old to play with dolls, so that is why she is in such good shape. I had a Jenny too, but I got her a couple years earlier and she was actively loved, if you know what I mean. (The kids have her too, she just doesn't look as pretty.)

They got my Cabbage Patch Kids, too!

Jubilee said...

We have Mandy's twin sister! My girls play with my Mandy and Jenny dolls. They are in the American Girl bucket, along with a similar doll I had who is on roller skates. I can't remember her name. My kids, however, don't like Mandy & Jenny's clothes, they are too outdated. Not cool, you know.

Katie said...

Our Mandy wears Our Generation and American Girl clothing, which is a little big, but still works!