Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wisdom Without Education

I read today that we must not run after education as if it were a god. It has been that. But there is wisdom without education, and there is foolishness wrapped in an educated package.

I am reminded of _A Tree Grows in Brooklyn_. Betty Smith explained wisdom without education in her book. Francie's grandmother had it.

Back in the old country she had been honored for her wisdom and much sought after for advice. She was a blameless, sinless woman, yet she understood how it was with people who sinned. Inflexibly rigid in her own moral conduct, she condoned weaknesses in others. She revered God and loved Jesus, yet she understood why people often turned away from these Two.... Yet she could not read or write.

I have to wonder though. Francie's grandmother "had in her memory over a thousand stories and legends... She knew many old-country songs and understood all the wise sayings." In order to declare someone educated or uneducated you must first define the word, "education".

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Lady Mums-alot said...

This is very true. Just look at our culture today. Most of the population has a "higher" education, but I think as a whole, people are much less truly educated than ever before in our country. And common sense is definately gone.