Monday, July 07, 2008


I have gotten to page 59 in _From Dawn to Decadence_. It is enthralling if I am not too tired to process it. I thought about blogging today as I read his ideas on the beginnings of Humanism:

[Petrarch said] "Everyone should write in his own style." The theme to note here is Self-Consciousness. It is allied to Individualism but it differs from it in being not a social and political condition but a mental state. One can be in prison, individuality all but submerged, and yet be acutely self-conscious. Individualism has limits imposed by the coexistence of many other individuals; Self-Consciousness has none. Over the centuries it has dug ever deeper into the ego, with no boundary in sight.

Doesn't that sound just like blogging? Well, I don't mean that it *sounds* like blogging, but that blogging is a logical activity to have emerged from this pervasive idea.

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