Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Post for Mariel

The kids get kind of attached to the posters we hang on the walls. I took down some posters in the schoolroom and in the children's bathroom (a very good place to hang posters, they spend so much time in there) and tonight found them hanging in Mariel's little nest-- her top bunk bed. She has the Roman Numerals poster, the United States poster (with state capitals) and the Let's Learn to Sign poster, in addition to:

*numerous coloring sheets
*some painted plaster plaques she did at singing school
*a small painting on canvas that a good friend made for her
*a small string art plaque
*a calendar
*a couple of pictures

It looks festive!

And we found an old narration of Mariel's from when she was seven:

The whale started out as fast as he could. He didn’t like the hiccups that were taking place in his mouth. He saw the white cliffs of Albion. That was the name of the Mariner’s homeland. As soon as he saw the beach, he swam faster than ever. And the Mariner did something with his jackknife and his raft. And it was stuck in the whale’s mouth and that is why whales do not eat men or little boys or little girls or ladies.

So cute.

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