Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I saved $40 the other day by repurposing an old bookcase that has been used for storage in the garage for the past year or so. We have an Ikea Pax closet in the schoolroom that is used for game and school supply storage, but it had only one shelf. I desperately needed more shelving. We have no more wall space in the room for storage, since our schoolroom has two tall windows on one wall, a door opening into the kitchen on another wall, and double doors opening into the entryway on a third. Oh, and the wall with the kitchen door also has a large classroom chalkboard on it (we got that for free from the Baptist church in a nearby town a few years ago. I'm glad we got it. We use it *all* the time.) Anyway, not a lot of storage space. I had to make the closet more efficient. But to purchase three or four more Pax shelves from Ikea would be $40. So I thought, "There has got to be a solution in this house." I headed for the garage, and voila-- the little old bookcase caught my eye. It was just the right size to fit in the closet and hold supplies and games.

I used to repurpose, make do or do without a lot more, when the kids were smaller and Mr. Honey's paycheck was less. I'm not quite sure how I got out of the habit, but I think it had to do with getting more busy and moving away from trusting the Lord and into quick and pretty fixes.

One thing I can say for the past couple of weeks-- we have seen the Lord moving in our lives. And to remain calm and trust in Him is my goal. He has been providing all the time, but I often miss the blessing of *seeing* it. I don't want to miss that anymore.

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