Friday, July 11, 2008

Stirring the Pot

I have been rearranging things at our house. The schoolroom got most of the change, but in reorganizing that poor catch-all of a room, I moved some things into and out of the rest of the house. I am still very much in the process, but I want to share the kids' reaction. They are discoverers-- wandering through the house looking at the walls, playing with nature finds they haven't noticed in months, talking to each other about the meaning of 'tundra,' 'atoll' and other geography terms (we got a new poster), exclaiming over their unfinished embroidery and crochet projects that came to light, looking at the selection of posters I keep stored in the closet, sorting through blocks and legos, and telling me things.

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SeƱora Smith said...

Hi Katie!

I'm on the same mission over here -I love your analogy of stirring the pot; it fits the soup theme on our blog! Watch for my post "When the Cat's Away the Mice will Play" later this weekend - I'm going to post pictures. Happy organizing!