Thursday, November 30, 2006

Overheard at Our House

Me: Girls, look at the doppler radar.

Triss: It's close! Is the white stuff snow?

Me: It's snow. And the pink is wintry mix, with ice and rain.

Mariel: It's gonna snow an inch! Cornflower do you know what an inch is? It's about like this...

Triss: It's about the length of your thumb.

Me: It's 31 degrees, but it feels like 21. So stay inside today. It is cold.

Mariel: Oh, cool! Can I put my foot out the door?

Me, with a wicked smile: No... It'll freeze off!

Mariel, grinning: Can't I put my foot out the door?

Me, laughing: No, it's too cold.

Triss: But we want to see how cold it is.

Me: I told you how cold it is.

Triss: I know. But that's in thermometer temperature. I want to know in feeling temperature.

After they went to get dressed, I heard this coming from Mariel's room.

Mariel, singing: Oh, yay! Oh, yay! It's gonna snow! Oh, ya-a-a-y! It's gonna snow! The cold front's coming from New York... and when it gets here it's gonna snow! No-el, No-el, No-el, No-el! Born is the King of Israel!... Mom, may I go outside and see how cold it is? I'm nice and warmly dressed.

I let them go outside. So there they are, in the rain and the cold. Discovering ice and how wet fenceposts get when it has been raining all night. Don't ask me why wet fenceposts are interesting. I have no idea. Maybe it has something to do with the drought. Hot chocolate forthcoming.

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