Saturday, November 25, 2006


Have you ever been so full of days' happenings that you don't know which thing to write about? That's the kind of Thanksgiving weekend we have been having.

Today the girls and I went to play with some cousins we have only visited with a couple of times before. The kids played and played and played. They were mermaid-fairies; a family in a fort with popcorn; a band of squirrels; a king, a queen, a winner, a mother and a bus driver (this was their game of Mother, May I? and I cannot describe to you how it came about as I witnessed only the middle of it); dog trainers and dogs; horse trainers and horses; and finally, little girls again. They fussed and played and laughed and argued and made up, and came inside and watched a movie when it got cold and dark outside.

I sat and visited with the grownups and watched the kids go by. What a day.

Next time we have to make sure the other kid-cousins come. Fun like this is too good to miss.

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Javamom said...

Sounds like you all had a great time! We love our cousin-friends in this family, and like being able to be with them whenever possible. It is truly a special relationship that lasts over the decades.