Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Effective Reading Tip, or Note to Self

Our nature focus will be trees and ferns this term. I'm kind of excited about it because I finally got the Comstock book to make a little more sense. I found a lovely section called "How to Use This Book" (p. 23-- why it isn't p. 1 I really don't know), which informed me that the story and leading thought presented before each lesson are not to be read to the student, but are for the teacher's enrichment, in order for her (me) to have a better idea of the direction to lead discussion. Oh. And the questions are meant more as guidelines and not to be followed stringently. And the teacher and students ought to believe their own eyes before they believe the book, and the author will be deeply gratified if mistakes are found in the text because it will mean that a spirit of observation and investigation was preserved in the teaching of the lessons. So. See what happens when you (I) decide to actually study the table of contents.

(Now. Please don't judge too harshly. I tend to get ahead of myself when I look down and notice that I have upwards of twenty books at my feet, and suddenly realize that they are all books in which I need to be conversant as soon as possible.)

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Anonymous said...

tee hee. You sound just like me. Whst is the deal with page 23??

By the way, thanks for the tip. Comstock is on my "next to buy" list...