Wednesday, November 08, 2006


"The older I grow, the more I realize how dependent I am on God's grace. Without a steady flow of His grace into my life every day, I am sure I would degenerate into some kind of tyrant-mother, barking orders at my children with a zero-tolerance standard of behavior. Life is simply too demanding to do it all without God's grace-- washing, cleaning, cooking, schooling, training, taking, fixing, talking, ad infinitum. If I am to be the mother God wants me to be for my children, I cannot do it without God's grace."

-- Sally Clarkson, _Seasons of a Mother's Heart_
Behold, the Throne of Grace!
The promise calls me near
There Jesus shows a smiling face
And waits to answer prayer
That rich atoning blood,
Which sprinkled 'round I see,
Provides for those that come to God
An all-prevailing plea.
Beyond thy utmost wants
His love and pow'r can bless;
To praying souls He ever grants
More than they can express.
Thine image, Lord, bestow,
Thy presence and Thy love;
I ask to serve Thee here below
And reign with Thee above.
Teach me to live by faith,
Conform my will to Thine;
Let me victorious be in death,
And then in glory shine.
--John Newton, 1725-1807

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