Friday, November 17, 2006

A Few Things of Importance

We just got back from a visit to my great-aunt, who lives at the foot of Rich Mountain. She is 93 years old, and still lives by herself and gets out every day. She has several health issues, but her spirit and determination keep her moving every morning.

It was only the third or fourth time my kids have been around my aunt, and the first time we have stayed at her house. My grandparents went with us.

Here is a list of things I noticed that make her life pleasant:

~A clear path

~A sense of humor

~A little privacy and ownership

~Appropriate, patient, loving care

~Smiles and hugs

~Someone asking, "How are you today?" and listening to the answer


~Family ties

This aunt of mine has written her life's story, and has friends helping to edit and copy it. I dearly hope to receive a copy. She is a charming lady, and a witty storyteller. She writes poems too, and will recite them from memory if you ask her to. I'm so glad the girls got to visit with her this week.

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Anonymous said...

What a blessing for you and your children! Thank you for sharing.