Monday, January 05, 2009

Trouble for Cottage and Secondhand Industries?

I've been following this story for the past couple of days. I wonder if I am understanding it correctly. Surely the lawmakers realized when they wrote this law that it would adversely affect small businesses, the secondhand industry, charitable organizations. (Maybe not, but I just feel like I'm missing something. I can't believe a law that seems so all-encompassing, with so few exceptions, made it all the way to law status without a fight. It was passed back in August.)

A succinct article detailing how this law came into being.

An article on Etsy. Apparently, the CPSC asked for "comments regarding component testing and natural materials exemptions," and the deadline was today, January 5th. Etsy has also been asking for some kind of interactive communication with the commission, and it looks like that may happen.

There is a show on BlogTalkRadio tonight at 9 pm Eastern, entirely about this issue.

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