Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A Little Excitement

We got our schoolwork done by 1:30 today (yay!) and went over to the park for our homeschool group's park day. There were lots of kids and moms there, and we all enjoyed ourselves.

Mariel had fun racing with the other kids until she ran right into a metal light pole used for lighting the soccer field at night. I didn't see her do it, but apparently she got going so fast she didn't even have time to put up her hands before she ran into it. She gashed her chin open and was bleeding.

One of my mom-friends was a paramedic for twelve years before she became a mom, and was able to help Mariel calm down, stopped the bleeding, and gave advice about stitches. Another friend offered to take Cornflower and Triss to her house while I took Mariel to Urgent Care.

(It is a blessing to have such good friends around! They even lent me their cell phones because my cell phone battery was dead.)

The urgent care experience was a good one. They took her right in and were able to use a special glue called Dermabond to glue her cut closed, rather than having to stitch it. We were back in the car and on our way to pick up the other girls an hour after Mariel ran into the pole. How about that?

She is still having some pain around her face, but not too much to enjoy doughnuts. (The Urgent Care center was very close to the Krispy Kreme donut store. ;o)

It's a funny thing, but I thought I was handling it all very well and calmly until we got home and Triss put a movie on for the girls and I sat down. And just deflated. Apparently the adrenaline had started the minute I saw Mariel on the ground, and kept me going until we got home. I'm going to bed early tonight, thanking the Lord for all His mercies. I'm really glad Mariel is okay.

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Jubilee said...

I understand what you mean! I did the same thing when the dog tried to eat Padme's face a couple of years ago. Mom Mode is a wonderful blessing.