Monday, January 26, 2009


We had some great news today-- Mariel's wrist is not broken! It appears that the ER doc overdiagnosed (I don't know if that is the right word for it) her injury, possibly as a precaution (according to our regular doctor). Our regular doctor showed us the new x-rays he ordered done on Friday. She has been released from the splint and sling, as tolerated.

On our way home from the doctor we got a cake mix to celebrate.

When Triss saw the cake mix, she said, "Yay! We can make a Normal Day Cake!"

I laughed a little at that, because I don't feel like today is normal. Cornflower woke up this morning with a fever; I rushed Triss' registration papers and research plan to the local college for the regional science fair after finding out the deadline had just passed (I won't even tell you what I'm pretty sure I saw while on campus, and I hope I was mistaken); I was late picking up Mariel from her violin lesson; the van overheated several times on the way home (we stopped at a gas station and a kind police officer happened to be on hand to put coolant in it, an unexpected mercy... and the coolant promptly drained onto the ground); Triss had to miss her algebra class; I had to borrow a vehicle (Thanks, Jean!) to get Mariel to the doctor; and I had the van towed to a repair shop.

And my dad left for Africa. That doesn't happen every day. Mariel asked all day if he was on the plane yet.

But, wait. Today is a Normal Day-- one of the many varieties. Cindy at Dominion Family wrote an amazing post once about days like these-- the days in which we are confronted with sickness and health, joy and sorrow, sin and mercy and redemption. I wish I could find the link for you, but I looked and looked and couldn't find it. (I remember it ended with "Do the next thing." Exactly.)

The Queen has been through a lot in the last year and tells us that this kind of day, despite the bumps, is beautiful, and is a gift. (Thank you. I do enjoy grousing like Eeyore, and need reminding that each day is given and will never come again.)

After catching up on a little schoolwork (she didn't miss any on her long division test, yay!) Mariel got to work on her cake. She decided to make it a bundt cake, which is so pretty. I broke it as I took it out of the pan, but we decided that was okay because it is a Normal Day Cake and not a cake for a birthday or a wedding. We don't mind eating broken cake with frosting.

So Happy Feverish-Registration-Running-Late-Coolant-Draining-Van-Towing-Wrist-Healing-Journey-Beginning-Normal Day to one and all-- and especially to Sister Lynn!

With love from us.


queen shenaynay said...

Beautiful! The cake, you, your flower princesses, all of it!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes! Love, Mom