Monday, December 29, 2008

New Books

I got some good books for Christmas this year--_Seeking the Face of God_, _Poetic Knowledge_ and _Mothers and Daughters At Home_. I have already dipped into each of them, and I'm very excited about each for different reasons. I will blog about them later.

I just wanted to say one thing about _Poetic Knowledge_: I have read the introduction, and oh, boy, am I going to have to think hard to understand that book. Just reading the introduction, I kept thinking, "Wow, this is great! Oh, this is hard. Yes, this is just what I need to be reading! But it is so hard!!"

Some of you ladies who are more familiar with educational philosophy and the study of humanities may need to give me several extra boosts on that one. I can tell it will be just the thing, but it is such a challenging read, I'm afraid I will just let it pass over me to no effect.

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