Sunday, December 07, 2008


The kids' current project is dollhouses. The green and blue farmhouse is Triss', which she built this past summer. The cream-colored Pointed Gothic cottage with purple and green trim is Mariel's. Her Goggy helped her build it last month. Cornflower's dollhouse is still under construction at Goggy's house, so it isn't pictured.

(The kids and I built the gingerbread house this week. I thought it looked cute with the dollhouses.)

This is the inside of Mariel's house. She is still working on getting furniture.

And this is the inside of Triss' house. She has some old furniture from a toy dollhouse, but plans to get some nice furniture, too. Right now, though, she is focusing on getting the lights on-- she just finished wiring the house for electricity, and is going to purchase some lamps soon.

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