Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Come, Behold the Works of Jehovah

We read this article as part of our Solitude and Stillness focus this morning.

We also read Luke 5, which is part of our regular New Testament reading, and discussed how the people acknowledged God's power (or didn't) in that chapter.

The kids also worked on envelopes in which to place their worries and requests to the Lord (I had hoped for boxes, but we could only manage envelopes, and that is fine). On the front, they wrote the verse, "Be still and know that I am God."

As they worked, they began to hum, which was kind of neat. I heard "Be Still My Soul" and "Wonderful Jesus, Glorious Friend". I hadn't even thought of those two songs as good ones for our focus this week.

Wonderful Jesus! Glorious friend!
He will be with me unto the end,
Cheering, upholding, keeping me strong,
Fearless and loyal, shielding from wrong.

Wonderful Jesus! Showing the way
Into the blessed kingdom of day,
Guiding my footsteps, holding control,
Making me happy, making me whole.

Wonderful Jesus! All through the night
He will enfold me, giving me light;
Then, when the morning breaks on the shore,
This He will whisper, "Mine evermore."

Wonderful Jesus! Marvelous king!
Ever his praise my spirit will sing,
When I behold His glorified face,
How I shall praise His wonderful grace!

--James Rowe, 1865-1933


Mama Squirrel said...

Thank you so much for this!--I was looking for some ideas for this evening's reading too. Another we've used this week is "Stop Signs" at Holy Experience.

Katie said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mama Squirrel! I'm going over there to read the post right now.

(We are doing our Advent activities in the morning during our regular Bible lesson time. It would be neat to light a candle and do them at night.)