Thursday, December 11, 2008

Giving in Secret

"Mom, we got a package! It's from a science company!" the girls hollered as they carried a box into the house yesterday afternoon.

"Hmm, I wonder what it is?" I figured it was a gift from one of the kids' aunts or uncles, who all live states away from us.

Triss got out her pocketknife and we all stood around watching as she slit the tape on top.

"Maybe it's a Christmas gift. Should we hide our eyes?" Mariel asked.

"Um, okay. Let me open it, and I'll tell you in a minute." The label on the box simply said, "American Science and Surplus". I peeped inside and saw a microscope.

(Oh, yes! A microscope! I didn't think we'd ever have a nice microscope! So perfect. And it has the capability of magnifying solid objects! I can't wait to use this for nature study!)

"Yes, I think it *is* a Christmas gift," I said, spiriting the box away from the kids and into my room. As they excitedly talked about what might come from a science company, I closed the door of my room and looked at the invoice to see who had sent it.

There was no name but the children's on the invoice.

I contacted 'the usual suspects'-- grandparents, aunts and uncles. But no one knew anything about it.

We wondered all last evening and all day today. I wasn't sure whether to give it to the kids, or wrap it for Christmas, so it stayed hidden in my closet.

Finally, someone told me they thought they might know who sent it, and that if it was this person he/she would prefer to remain anonymous. We were to thank the Lord alone for the gift.

(Thank you, Lord! What a wonderful present! This will help a lot!)

I showed the kids the microscope this afternoon, and we are all agog with the excitement of finding things to examine with it.

(And wondering how to pay it forward.)

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