Thursday, July 05, 2007


Today I woke up with a bee in my bonnet about my boxes of pre-digital-camera photos. I am putting them in plain albums so we can at least look at them without getting them out of order. (I do not scrapbook. I have too many photos and not enough patience to feel good about scrapbooking.) I have album space for 1800 pictures.

I hope it's enough!

There are three boxes-- you know, the kind of boxes that people pack books in when they are moving. The photos span from the time Mr. Honey and I got married through this year. Most of them are not at all marked. I stacked some of them and labeled the stacks a few years ago, but that box fell apart when I got it down this morning. I managed to salvage portions of the stacks, so those pictures are still kind of grouped together.

This is not really my idea of a good time. It would be fine if all I were responsible for was exclaiming over the photos. I do that job real well. But I actually have to put them in proper order, label them, slide them into sleeves and have a tidy looking area at the end of the evening. That is the part I dread.

So this blog post is for accountability and a little fun (and maybe some commiseration, hint, hint..). Hopefully, I will have my albums filled in the next day or two. It shouldn't be too hard if I just make myself do it. Maybe I will post updates as I go.

Okay! No more blogging! Get to work, girl!

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