Monday, March 26, 2007

Seven Weird Things About Me

1. I never liked my nickname, Katie, until well into adulthood. (Now I like it a lot.) Around the age of, oh, I think it was ten or eleven, I even attempted to convince my relatives to call me Kathy. I have one aunt who still reminds me of this when I visit.

2. I like eating ice cream with a scoop of creamy peanut butter. This does not seem weird at all to me, but Mr. Honey says it is.

3. I prefer indexes to tables of contents, and will always check the index first if there is one.

4. I get completely engaged and entranced with performing music or reciting poetry, acting, etc., unless someone else is in the room. Then, despite efforts to the contrary, I get self-conscious and begin to watch myself, and generally make a lot more mistakes. A person's ability to affect me in this way fades as I get to know him or her better and feel accepted and comfortable. It's an insecurity thing. I play some of my best piano pieces when I am alone in the house. Occasionally now, I am able to collect myself and refocus even with strangers in the room, but rarely. I also get flustered in discussion groups when everyone starts listening to me at once. I would rather talk while most folks' focus is elsewhere. The weirdest part about this is that I always have something to say and really feel a need to say it. I guess that's why I like blogging so much. At least I can't see who is "listening."

5. I cannot watch violence or horror in movies or on TV without being adversely affected (mentally) for an extended amount of time. I avoid those kinds of movies like the plague. In the case of movies with violence necessary to the plot, ie., Lord of the Rings, etc., I close my eyes and sometimes even plug my ears so I cannot visualize what is going on. (I think, "Okay, there is a battle right now," so I don't mess up the plot sequencing in my mind, but that's as far as I let myself go.) I had nightmares for a month after watching Poltergeist, my one foray into horror movies. I don't mind reading about violence and horror, though, as long as I remind myself not to visualize it. Sometimes horrible news items will affect me the same way, even if I don't see pictures, because my mind draws the picture before I remember to turn my imagination off.

6. I do not wear shorts, and I mostly wear Keds sneakers, even in the summertime. (I just wore heels two days in a row for the church meeting, and my feet are still letting me know it.)

7. When a word is used over and over in a presentation, I often find myself typing it onto my lap or the table with my fingers. I play repeated musical motifs on a pretend piano when listening to music sometimes as well.

And a bonus~

8. Sometimes I get confused and call mowing the lawn vacuuming. (Hey, they are very similar!)

So now. There it is. Thank you to Lindafay and the DHM and the others I cannot remember who have done this meme. Does anyone else have any weirdness to confess?


JLW said...

I'm actually very similarly weird like you in 4, 5, and 7. Jason would be proud of you not wearing heels much!

Mother Auma said...

My friend! I might've known you would be similar.

lindafay said...

Thanks for playing along.

(Love the lawn vacuuming!)

G.L.H. said...

I tell my son to "vacuum" the lawn, too!

Phyllis said...

What's weird about eating peanut butter with ice cream? :-)

Mother Auma said...

Thank you, Phyllis! Score one for the pb-and-ice-cream crowd!

Mother Auma said...

G.L.H., that is the first time I have ever heard of anyone else who calls mowing the lawn "vacuuming." I'm glad to see I am not alone in my confusion!