Friday, March 09, 2007

It's A Foggy Day In La-La Land

I woke up this morning very, very groggy. I had a lovely chocolate malt on our way home yesterday, and I think all the sugar has put me in a stupor. I. Just. Can't. Think. This. Morning.

And it's raining. I heard the rain this morning when the alarm went off and wondered (groggily) if the girls had brought in everything not rain-proof from their tent-fort in the back yard. I got up every ten minutes for an hour to hit the snooze and look out the window, but I could not distinguish anything beyond lawn chairs, a couple of plastic bowls and an outdoor rug.

And today is Friday in the Park with Will. But alas, it is raining. And it's a foggy day in the La-La Land of Mommy Brain. So I will simply have to blog about it.

Mariel started Shakespeare with us last week, and as we are not out in the open air enough, we decided to read A Midsummer Night's Dream out in the open each week, after a refreshing picnic and run around a park, or a field, or a path with large rocks, or whatever.

So last week we did the first scene, lying on our Thai picnic mat at the park, while Cornflower ran up and down the playset. It was fun!

And today it's raining. And there is a fog in my brain, so I need some help. I must come up with an Alternative Indoor Fun Shakespeare Idea for Scene Two by lunchtime. Preferably something that will make Cornflower feel like she is a part of things, which was the third reason we decided a park would be the best place for Shakespeare this term.

Ooh, ooh! Light dawns on Marble Head! How about a Shakespeare Tea, with Cornflower being the waitress at Cornflower's Restaurant? (Cornflower delights in serving teas and snacks and meals and desserts and coffee and hot chocolate, ever since I took the advice of Queen Shenaynay and allowed Morning Snack Time to become Cornflower's Domain.)

Okay, thanks guys. You've been a big help.

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