Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Template Updates

I gave in to the new Blogger layout yesterday and made some changes, especially to the sidebar. One of the things I did was to add the books we are each reading. The kids' books listed are only the living books they are using for school. My booklist is the stack of books I have sitting near my bed, or by my chair, or at the dining table-- things I read when I have a few moments, whether for fun or school or just to give me thoughts to think.

Anyway, I like being able to see the covers of books on the booklists I see at other blogs, and I cannot figure out how to do that here. Can anyone point me in the right direction-- give me a website to visit for help or something?



lindafay said...
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lindafay said...

Have you tried librarything.com? You can record up to 200 books free and they will give you a code to put on your sidebar so that you can display the covers. You can change it out as often as you wish.

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I get my book pics from Amazon. If you have an affiliate account with them, you can get code for anything they sell and the code includes a pic and a link to the Amazon page for the item.