Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Few Things

First, I just realized that my blog comments have not been hitting my email for, oh, at least a week. I just noticed several comments I didn't even know were there! I am going to see if I can fix that, but I wanted folks to know that if you commented and it appears I did not take notice, it is because I didn't. But I would like to.

Second, for everyone who is anxious about the fresh-air to indoor-living ratio at our house, you will be relieved to note that the clouds parted long enough for us to have Friday in the Park with Will yesterday. And a jolly time we had, too.

Third, for all CMers who are wondering when I am going to give up my (non-CM) position of facts being the pegs on which ideas are hung upon, I would just like to say that transformation is taking place currently, and you can thank the history of the English Civil War for it. I am now beginning to see for myself how ideas are the pegs that facts hang upon.

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