Thursday, July 05, 2007

Photos III

(Photos I, Photos II.)

I chose 2001 for my first photo album, because Cornflower had joined us by that time, and the girlies were just so cute! We went to Louisiana with my grandparents that summer, and spent New Year's in Florida at Daytona Beach.

I also know that Cornflower's hair had not yet grown long enough to curl, because that was the only way I could tell whether some of the shots were from 2001 or 2002.

I don't know if I got everything ordered right, but I am trying not to be too concerned about it. My mom said she would look at the albums and let me know any glaring inconsistencies (she is really good at this sort of thing), and I can always rearrange the photos later. At least we will be able look at the pictures without mixing them up, and maybe later the girls will enjoy putting together their own scrapbooks using copies of these photos. I guess I am simply filing the photos for now.

Also, just in case one of the eight people who read this blog is thinking about organizing her own photos, a word of warning: if you have daughters, please be prepared for a lot of laughing, teasing and loud outbursts of "Aww!" It is just going to happen.

Also, they ask funny questions like, "Did you really dress like that Mommy?"

But I also discovered an unexpected perk: "Is that you? Wow, you looked beautiful, Mom."

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