Saturday, July 07, 2007

Photos V

(Photos I, II, III, IV)

I filled albums with 1998 today. It took over two hours and filled two and a half albums!!

It is funny-- Triss was three and turned four that year, and Mariel was a baby and turned one. When I think of that time in our life, I remember how spent and tired I always felt and the struggles we had to make ends meet. But when I look at these pictures I see how beautiful the children were, and how many good times we had. And the few pictures of me show a happy young mother. I don't even have bags under my eyes. I'm glad we have the pictures.

I only have one album left, and ten more years to file. 1998 was clearly the tallest stack, so I don't think I will fill more than one album with any other years.

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