Thursday, July 05, 2007

Photos IV

Photos I
Photos II
Photos III

(I guess I should come up with a more imaginative title, if only to amuse myself.)

I got the 2002 photos into an album, but, strangely enough, I have pictures of two of our daughters in California in the spring/summer, but none of the rest of us. I am trying to figure out if perhaps my grandparents' armchair, which features prominently in the two pictures, was given to my parents and I just didn't notice. It really does look like the stucco on their covered porch, though. We did go to California in the autumn of that year, but I know these photos are not from then, because Mariel's hair is longer.

(Hair length, eyeglasses, even Old Navy flag t-shirts, can all help in the quest for the year the photos were taken.)

Also, I got halfway through loading the pictures into the 2002 album and realized the Singing School photos in the stack were actually from 2001. Singing School is in the summer, which means I will have to shift all the autumn and Christmas photos for 2001 in order to fit these photos into the other album in the right order. I am not using the 3-ring binder type albums. But they are archival quality.


athenainaminivan said...

I am so glad I am not the only female who does not scrapbook. Sometimes I feel like such a freak. Like I am in high school and everyone else is doing it but me. Oh yea. I liked not doing what everyone else did!! I too still have boxes of pre digital pictures and a box of the twins baby stuff that never got in a book. Oh well, there is always my 60's to do this stuff!

Mother Auma said...

Hey, I liked not doing what everyone else did also!

I have to confess that I think scrapbooking looks cool, and I really wish I had an ongoing scrapbook for each of the children. But I just don't have the patience to spend an hour fancying up a page only to stick one-to-three pictures into it. My photo stacks are too high!